Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brooke Learns How to Multi-Task…

Today we had a playdate with one of my oldest and bestest (I know it’s not really a word) friends, Brooke, and her baby girl, Celia.  Celia is 5 months old and so beautiful!  I was really nervous about how Lexi and Lyla would act around such a little baby because they haven’t really been around many.  But, they did great!  They would tickle her toes and give her kisses and pet her head gently.  They shared sunglasses and dolls and didn’t care at all when I would hold her.  Lexi got a little whiny and grabbed her paci and lovie, but she recovered well.  I’m so proud of my big girls (but not proud enough to add another one to our mix).  I love these pictures as Brooke learns how to share her lap with multiple little girls!

lexi and lyla 009

lexi and lyla 006

lexi and lyla 013

lexi and lyla 017

lexi and lyla 020

lexi and lyla 027


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