Thursday, December 3, 2009


There are no words to describe how much Mama and Daddy love you both, baby girls. We adore you both and are so thankful for every minute of every day we have spent with you in the past year. May your hearts always be full with the same love that we feel for you.

And now the rest of this update will be brought to you by the new ONE year olds...Lexi and Lyla!

Hi family, friends, and people who like to read about us! We are big girls today so Mama said we could tell you about our birthday today. Mama let us sleep in and she woke us up at the times that we were born: 9:14 am for Lexi and 9:15 am for Lyla. She sang "Happy Birthday" to each of us and her voice isn't so great so these were the faces we made:

Next she made us a cocktail of formula and milk in our sippy cups. Mama still has some formula left so she said she'd finish it out and let our tummies get used to milk. So far we like the cocktails and we even like our sippy cups! We especially like drinking them while we watch Sprout, our favorite channel.

We ate some pancakes, mandarin oranges, and applesauce for breakfast and it was delicious! After our bellies were full, it was time for our morning nap. While we napped, Mama got herself showered and ready for the day! She came back in to wake us up at about 11:45 am. Here's what we looked like:

We went upstairs to play in our upstairs play area next. We also got to cuddle with Mama and Daddy and explore the couch.

We ate lunch next. Mama made us a yummy cheese quesadilla. It was so good, she even shared it with us! We also had some yogurt but only Lyla eats the chunks of fruit.

After we finished making our messes, we mean eating our lunches, we got dressed for the day. We picked out our overalls because we know how cute we look in them!

And now we're ready to go! We went to Hobby Lobby to try and find some stuff for our birthday party but we didn't find anything good! Mama will just have to try again tomorrow. Some mean old lady saw us and told Mama, "Glad it's you and not me!". Mama doesn't like it when people say stuff like that so she told the lady, "Me too!". Daddy was kind of embarrassed but Mama was right because we were just sitting in our stroller minding our own business! We were good girls!

Mama and Daddy got us this really cool ball popper. It makes balls pop out and then we go get them. We're still working on not trying to put the balls in our mouths though.

We got to open some more presents because Aunt Debbie sent us a package! She got us little purses with fun stuff in them and two outfits each! We love them Aunt Debbie! Thank you so much.

By this time, we had worked up an appetite so Mama got us something special for dinner....our very first Happy Meals (Mama would like to interject here and say that she is aware that Happy Meals are not healthy but it was a special treat for our birthday). After we ate, Mama and Daddy sang to us AGAIN, and gave us cupcakes for dessert. Holy Moly, these things were good! We're so excited that we get to eat cake again at our birthday party. And we heard Mama say that she can't wait to clean it up again!

Today was our lucky day because we got to have a bath after all that cake eating, even though we had a bath last night! Normally we just get baths every other night!

We drank some more of our formula/milk cocktail from our sippy cups and then we went to sleep like big girls! We had such a fun birthday and can't wait to celebrate some more on Saturday! Thank you all for reading about us for the first year of our lives!


  1. Such a sweet recap! happy birthday to your girls!

  2. What a cute post! I loved reading about their day. Happy Birthday Lexi and Lyla!

  3. I loved this post! Happy Birthday Lexi and Lyla!!!

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  6. They are so precious! I LOVE your response to the busybody in Hobby Lobby. :)

  7. Too precious! And way to go for sticking up for your girls to the mean lady!!!! Happy Birthday Lexi and Lyla!!

  8. I loved reading this post. Sounds like such a fun day. How rude of that lady, but great come-back. Those girls are so lucky to have you as their mommy. Can't wait to hear about the birthday party.

  9. What a precious birthday for two beautiful little ladies !!! Happy birthday to your little ones :)

  10. Happy Birthday, beautiful girls!!!

    (Awesome response to that mean old hag! :))