Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My girls love pancakes just about as much as I do, which in case you didn't know...I LOVE PANCAKES. But my girls eat their pancakes without butter or Mrs. Butterworth, which I imagine just can't taste as good.

The pediatrician said they can eat ANYTHING so I guess it's okay to share my good friend Mrs. Butterworth with Lexi and Lyla, right? Here's the problem though...bathtime is at night and I just can't bear to have sticky girls all day. Just typing that sentence makes me feel like a horrible Mama. I think tomorrow I'll be introducing Lexi and Lyla to a dear old friend.


  1. Chase now eats honey on his, b/c I refuse to get him "hooked" on syrup! :) Julianna does get some butter on hers, but no honey yet b/c I'm with you on the stickiness!! I hear that applesauce is good to spread on them, to give them some sweetness and moisture. I've actually made mine with applesauce before (sub out the oil) and they are really good. Happy eating girls!

  2. Action:
    Zayde holding a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth...
    Zayde says - "Hi Lexi and Lyla, my name is Mrs. Butterworth and I am here to make your panckaes yummy just like I did when your Mama was a little girl"
    Zayde waving the bottle as if its speaking to his precious grand-babies!